Forensic Accounting Services and Advice

Whatever the nature of the assignment, we will work with you in a skilled, timely and cost-effective manner, helping you to navigate your way through the numbers.  We have years of experience covering many different areas of litigation and this means that we offer you technical expertise combined with strategic and commercial awareness.

Our expert team is always on hand throughout the whole process – not just toward the end when things are heating up.  Often early input from us can assist you in determining the nature of the evidence required or the relevance of evidence disclosed, provide a strengths and weaknesses overview of the claim, as well as give insight on possible valuation scenarios and strategy. 

Early involvement from us often assists in matters settling at an earlier stage and helps to minimise costs.  We are happy to agree the nature and cost of any work in advance and do not have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our work.  We recognise that each matter is unique and so our approach and product is tailored to fit you.

Commercial litigation

An independent accountant can be crucial in assessing the financial consequences of a dispute and being able to present relevant, corroborated and persuasive arguments to the other side. We are able to help with all manner of commercial disputes, including loss of profits, business interruption, product liability and breach of contract.

Personal injury and fatal accident claims

We have extensive experience of assisting with all aspects of personal claims, including loss of earnings and pension. Matters often arise from road traffic accidents, industrial diseases, clinical negligence and workplace accidents. Where the injured party is self-employed, runs his/her own business or has a more complex structure to their earnings, our expertise is invaluable.

Criminal investigations, including proceeds of crime

We are frequently instructed by prosecuting authorities and defence lawyers to assist in the financial aspects of criminal investigations. We regularly assist in cases involving fraud, theft, money laundering, Consumer Credit Act offences, sale and production of counterfeit goods and other criminal activities. We also have extensive experience of dealing with confiscations and case seizures.

Civil investigations

Fraud by a director, employee or third party can have a devastating impact on a business. We can rapidly assess the nature and extent of the fraud and present the evidence, for say employee disciplinary proceedings, civil litigation or mediation, to minimise the impact for the victim business.

Intellectual property

Protecting IP rights can be critical to your success and competitive edge. We can help you with this, especially with respect to losses flowing from trademark infringement, in both enquiry as to damages and account of profits cases.

Dispute resolution

It is a fact of business that arguments and disputes arise, which require resolution. Whether in an expert or advisory capacity, we can assist in a wide variety of matters, such as shareholder/partnership disputes, where a clear understanding of the numbers, and how to present these, is required.

Contentious probate and abuse of positions of trust

A person can be appointed as executor, trustee or power of attorney, whilst having little experience of dealing with the management of significant funds. This can lead to the inadvertent or deliberate mismanagement of funds. We have significant experience of unravelling the often extensive financial transactions in such cases.

Professional negligence

The consequential losses suffered following an act of professional negligence can often be unclear and difficult to quantify. At Armstrong Watson we are able to help in understanding the quantum evidence and are able to present the financial losses in a clear and concise manner.

Business valuations

There is a variety of reasons why it might be necessary to value a business, or a shareholding in it. Our experts have experience of providing you with the advice you require and are able to work closely with colleagues in corporate finance and restructuring, recovery and insolvency, where required.

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Director of Forensic Accounting

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Partner, Head of Forensic Accounting

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Forensic Consultant

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