New Legal Sector Appointment - Andy Poole

 Armstrong Watson has taken on Andy Poole as Legal Sector Director to build and lead a specialist legal sector team. With so many changes happening within the legal services sector Andy’s focus will be on making sure each firm is informed, prepared, and in good shape for what is coming.

Andy is well known in the legal world and was former UK Chairman of LegalPlus. He is a member of the ICAEW Solicitors Group and a key speaker at many national conferences. He has also spoken at Law Society events and is a regular contributor to the legal press.

Paul Dickson, Managing Partner at Armstrong Watson, commented, “Andy’s specialist knowledge and understanding of the issues the legal sector is facing will give us a real advantage to a service area in which we have been establishing a good reputation”. Paul goes on to say, “There is an unprecedented amount of change going on in the legal sector, with the Legal Services Act together with Legal Aid, Personal Injury and Regulatory Reform. When that is combined with difficult trading conditions and a growing number of mergers and acquisitions, law practices should be seeking the best advice to be informed and in a position of strength”.

Andy will be working closely with legal businesses across the UK to facilitate continual improvement and ensuring that firms take advantage of all opportunities open to them. He is already preparing a number of business plans and facilitating Partners’ strategy workshops. Andy is providing interactive benchmarking workshops, improving firms’ cashflows, reviewing and implementing trading structure changes, and assisting firms in the merger process, all of which help firms to plan ahead for the changes coming to the legal sector.

Andy Poole can be contacted by email to

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