Merging NIC and Income Tax

Believe it or not our Government has started a formal consultation process to consider the merging of National Insurance and Income Tax into a composite rate. Whether this remains a paper exercise or actually results in a simplification of our tax system is anyone's best guess.

What next?

There is clearly a great deal of uncertainty around how integrating the operation of income tax and the NIC system would work in practice. Indeed, the Chancellor's announcement acknowledged that 'this huge task will therefore require a great deal of consultation and take a number of years to complete.'

On 11 July 2011 HM Treasury launched a call for evidence which closed on 19 September 2011. Topics that were discussed refer to employers' provision of evidence regarding the administrative burden of operating the two different systems. The majority of the questions raised focused on the cost and burdens faced by employers and payroll professionals in operating the two systems, although there were some more general questions at the start, asking for feedback on the Government’s objectives of removing distortions, reducing burdens on businesses and improving fairness.

This forms part of the preliminary consultation stages and responses to this call will be added to the details of the Government's proposals for change. A full consultation on these will be issued in autumn 2011.

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