Consumer feedback - Do your customers love you?

In my recent blogs I have talked about ways in which technology can be used to improve businesses including accepting chip and pin, EPoS systems and direct debit acceptance. This month’s blog has come about from a recent discussion with a client on how to improve their business.

One area that is very much ignored by many businesses is customer feedback. When the subject of customer feedback comes up many shy away from it because they are scared they might get bad feedback.

So what are the two main benefits of collecting customer feedback?

1) Find and fix problems - If your key client was not happy with your service you would want to know rather than find out once it’s too late and they have gone elsewhere.

2) Attract new customers – If you can use the information collected to improve customer satisfaction you will have more advocates walking around telling their friends how good you are. You can use positive feedback to promote your business.

So now that I’ve persuaded my client to collect customer feedback how do we go about it and what information do we collect? As this was a client who uses Xero accounting software I recommended an add on partner called Customer Sure which directly integrates with Xero.

Customer Sure Features:

  • Allows you to customise a simple feedback survey online that can be sent to customers
  • Integrates with Xero so that a survey automatically gets sent to your customer when an invoice is raised in Xero
  • Provides a simple online feedback system where all the information is collected and can be interrogated
  • Allows you to put feedback form directly on to your website
  • Costs from as little as £29 per month.

As for what information to collect it is important that you balance what information your business needs with how long it will take your customer to complete. Ideally you want to ask two or three questions with a range of a fixed response field and one free form box for your customer to be more specific with their feedback.

One question my client asked was what scale should he use for the level of satisfaction, I don’t believe it matters what scale you use whether it be one star vs five star or 3/10 vs 9/10 as long as you can gain a contrast and more importantly compare from one period to another to identify changes in feedback. One caveat to that is never offer a two option good or bad field as customers who may be in the middle will be frustrated at not being able to say so.

Remember; never assume customer silence equals customer satisfaction. If you would like to know more about Xero or Customer Sure please get in touch.


Grant Smith, Partner

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