What is Blue? Strategic business advice

Blue is part of the business advisory side of Armstrong Watson.  It's a bespoke programme that encourages you as a business owner or leader to step back from the daily whirlwind in order to think about and plan for the future. It’s about developing strategic skillsets to maximise the potential of your business.

The impetus for Blue came from the experiences of Armstrong Watsons Corporate Finance and Insolvency teams. In summary, the observation was that certain clients could have achieved more if there had been some habit forming and disciplines in place for them to work towards a strategic plan.

For more information visit the blue page on our website here. Not only is this a great introduction to what Blue does, but it also includes some client testimonials. A recurring theme from the feedback is that Blue gives business leaders “clarity” in what can otherwise be a challenging environment. 

I know from personal experience that it can be a lonely place running a business. It’s not easy to plan a company’s growth properly when the phone’s ringing and the email is pinging.   Throw in some fairly typical “distractions” like a big new tender opportunity, late paying customers, sick leave to a key colleague and a rise in input prices and you begin to see why the discipline of regular long-term planning and review can start to slide.

Blue isn’t a “distress-purchase”. It’s not (necessarily) about turnaround.  It’s certainly not about telling you about your own specialist skills. Blue is about structuring everything possible in order that your business gets the best results from your own expertise.  

If you’d like to learn more, please call me for a chat. 

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