Building your brand in a digital economy

What are the steps for building a successful brand online?

A successful brand online requires the same a successful brand offline. Always…ALWAYS exceed your customer’s expectation. Over deliver…make them thrilled that they made the right decision and they will tell their friends how great you are. And with the power of social media behind this “word of mouth” marketing you now have a global audience who can get to hear just how good (or bad) you are. So the stakes have never been higher.

How to raise your public profile

Raising your profile as both and individual and a business comes down to just one thing…diligence. No matter how prospects “find you” online - recommendation/referral, search, bumping in to things you’ve written…it’s all about just “being there” and THAT is all about doing simple things well and often. So, a good content strategy may be; each of the five people in your organisation write a short blog every week and post that on either your website or other content sites. For each piece you write 5 tweets and for every five tweets you send you retweet 5 of your colleagues’ tweets too (so each week you need to write one article and send 10 tweets - easy). The cumulative effect is that after one year your organisation will have written 260 articles and sent 2600 tweets so lots of people will “bump in to you” and Google will love you!

Why does being a thought leader matter?

Being a thought leader doesn’t matter…being perceived as a thought leader is vital. The reason that this matters in 2017 is that all of your competitors (and I mean ALL) are literally one click away and your prospects would be foolish not to pick the one that looks the best. So it’s vital to make sure that you have profiles everywhere and you do everything that you possibly can to make yourself the obvious choice. People jump to conclusions…help them to jump to the conclusion that you want.


Adam Gray is a social media expert and runs the world’s largest social media management consultancy, Digital Leadership Associates.  He will be speaking at the next Business Improvement Program (BIP) event held in the Lake District in May this year.

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