An interview with … Tony Woodhouse, semi-retired, Bedale


Tony was looking for an independent financial adviser to help him review his income requirements as he was approaching his state pension age. Due to the introduction of the pension freedoms, he felt that he could not work through it alone. 

Why did you choose Armstrong Watson Financial Planning & Wealth Management? 

With the new pension freedoms, the complexities are so considerable that it’s a maze that I could not navigate myself and end up with a result that I was confident in. It was critical that I found a Consultant to work with me and help me through that maze. I realised I wanted to work with someone who was part of a larger practice and would have the back up that it provided.

What was it about your Financial Planning Consultant which made you comfortable to take advice?

The relationship has got to be right, it’s got to be a personal relationship because you’re dealing with a lot of personal issues but it’s also got to have that slight detachment and that absolutely professionalism too.

What benefit has taking advice provided you with?

You save all your life and suddenly, the moment has arrived when your pension arrangements have to be made. You realise that you are entering the latter part of your life and it’s a very sobering moment so it’s with great trepidation that you start the process. 

The final result is that you have peace of mind that in all complexities you’ve come out with the solutions that were correct and in my case I came out with the conviction that Armstrong Watson had my best interests at heart. I go into my retirement and I’m not worried about it anymore, at all.

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