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Welcome to the spring issue of Insight, Armstrong Watson's Financial Planning and Wealth Managament quarterly magazine.

Issue 12 includes a range of topics covering all your financial planning, wealth management and tax needs. 

Articles included in issue 12: 

  • Cleaning up your finances: A great way to start the new tax year and put yourself in the best financial shape. 
  • The Sandwich Generation: Those providing care for people still need advic, It’s not just for the wealthy.
  • Pension Allowances: By not understanding the contribution rules, you could pay unnecessary tax. 
  • Breaking up is hard to do! Divorce doesn’t just affect you emotionally, it can seriously impact on your finances later on in life. Seeking advice early is important.
  • Our Guide to Investing has recently been launched and helps clients understand how to invest money. Download your free guide to investing here.
  • Market Movements: What to expect. Future Money’s Fund Manager, Richard Cole explains what did happen to markets in 2018 and remains positive about investing for the long term.
  • Inheritance Tax: Beware the traps for the unwary. This is the second article (first in issue 11) on this subject ehich explains the reliefs available and howyou can beniefit from them.

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