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A day in the life of...Alex Baugh

Having been with Armstrong Watson for a few months as a Payroll Operations Administrator, my days are still filled with learning new things. This could be anything from understanding a client's payroll and it’s quirks to a new element of payroll such as setting up court orders. I do have my own schedule but this is reduced to allow time for my own CPD and learning.

I had a week out of the office when I first started to understand the basics of payroll and to get a chance to play with the system in a test environment which was really useful as it meant I had seen the system and been given some background knowledge before I was actually processing a payroll for the first time.

Now I am in the office with my own set of clients I am spending my days getting to know these clients and their payrolls to allow me to offer a high level of customer service. I must really be enjoying the role as I am flying through my work and therefore get the opportunity to cover other payrolls. This means that I am exposed to more payrolls and this is giving me a great foundational knowledge for the future.

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