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A day in the life of...Georgie Davidson

As a Payroll Operations Administrator, I am responsible for processing the payrolls for my clients accurately and on time. I currently have around 70 clients which pay at a variety of frequencies from weekly, fortnightly and monthly as well as annually and quarterly. My role is to ensure that not only are they paid on time, but they have a brilliant relationship with me, and therefore Armstrong Watson. This can mean that I may be in the middle of processing a payroll, and a different client will ring in with a query and I need to balance dealing with the queries to ensure great customer service with payroll processing.

Some clients payrolls can take longer to run than others and I have a particular complex payroll that sends data on from managers at over 20 sites. This means that I need to process over 20 different input sheets and produce hugely complicated sets of reports and a nominal journal. Whilst this payroll can take me up to 3 days to process, I enjoy the challenge because I can come across any number of queries and anomalies which give payroll a new and interesting spin!

Alongside this, I am also responsible for sending BACS payments for clients on some days as well as managing the payroll inbox on a rotational basis to ensure any ad hoc work is covered. The varied elements of my role such as this, combined with being able to develop relationships with my own clients gives me a very rounded experience within my role.

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