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A day in the life of....Lisa Carruthers

As an Senior Implementation and Technical Support Administrator, my day to day tasks can vary massively. One of my main tasks at the moment is to assist with new starter training, and this is completely outside of anything relating to onboarding payrolls and dealing with queries, but it’s been a great experience and has allowed even more variety into my job role. Alongside this I am also undertaking a huge piece for work for a client that hasn’t been submitting returns since the inception of RTI in 2013, but has still been paying staff! This is involving processing the payroll for each week from 13/14 to date, and handling auto enrolment at the point of staging. The fact that the client has passed the staging date without doing auto enrolment has meant that I have had to manually assess staff and calculate contributions to ensure that he is compliant with legislation in terms of correcting the employees positions.

My most unusual client at the moment owns a yacht, so getting hold of him when he is in the middle of the Mediterranean sea to get his hours for his staff poses some challenges. My suggestion of an onsite client visit hasn’t been received with particular enthusiasm from the management team as yet!   

Each day is so varied, so whilst it’s hard to describe a day in my life, it’s fair to say that it can cover anything from setting up a payroll, to helping clients fix problems with their own payrolls to ensuring the system is working as it should be. The addition of training new starters has also enhanced my role even further and has given me invaluable experience.

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