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A day in the life of....Sophie Johnson

A day for me typically consists of a variety of tasks, but very rarely is it actually payroll processing. As an Implementation and Technical Support Administrator, I am responsible for onboarding new clients and dealing with any queries from colleagues and clients. Most recently I have been ensuring that we are up to date with our additional auto enrolment duties outside of the normal day to day tasks, which includes contacting all clients to ensure they are aware of their re-enrolment dates and duties and completing declarations of compliance online.

I have just been tasked with the setup of a large payroll, which has a number of more complicated payroll elements, including staff who work on multiple sites and their pay needs to be costed accordingly – not the easiest thing to setup in our payroll software. I have the added pressure of an extremely tight deadline, as the data was released to us a week later than expected so I need to set up a weekly payroll for approximately 60 staff in 2 days!!! This is a task that normally takes nearly 2 weeks. Luckily I have a great team who are all supporting me where possible to ensure we meet expectations. Alongside this I am backdating a payroll from the start of the tax year and this needs paid by close of play today!

Every day is different within the department and this is what makes my job so interesting.

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