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Our third sector continues to deliver vital services to our community’s most vulnerable and those in immediate need during this crisis.  Charities however, are now faced with losing some of their own key income streams which allow them to provide these essential provisions.

Armstrong Watson has gathered a list of available funding which charities may apply for to assist them during this time from a regional, nationwide and Scotland specific support.  We would advise that all applications are carefully reviewed for eligibility prior to applying and that all normal governance procedures are followed by an organisation and documented as appropriate to demonstrate good governance.  A number of these funds may close temporarily due to the sheer number of applications however may reopened once the initial phase of applications have been processed.

Regional Support

Cumbria Community Foundation

The Cumbria COVID-19 Response Fund has been set up to support charitable groups that are supporting people affected by the virus:

Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland

Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland have launched the Coronavirus Response and Recovery Fund. Grants will be given to local charities and community organisations across Tyne & Wear and Northumberland in two stages: response, then recovery.

Community Foundation for Calderdale 

Initial priority grants of £1000 to local charities to help the most vulnerable.

Two Ridings Community Foundation 

Up to £2k, community organisations preparing themselves to appropriately respond, development of advice and support initiatives to fill gaps, groups that provide vital community support.

Nationwide Support

Cadent Foundation Charities and Community Groups

 Cadent Foundation Charities and Community Groups can apply for individual grants of between £100 and £100,000 as a new foundation, funded by the UK’s biggest gas network Cadent.

Standard Life Foundation

The Standard Life Foundation has launched funding for work directly related to the coronavirus pandemic. Grants will be made to organisations which tackle financial problems and improve living standards for those on low-to-middle incomes in the UK. It is likely that grants will be made in the range of £5,000 to £50,000, however, there is no set amount that people can apply for.

Charities Aid Foundation CAF

Have launched an emergency fund offering one-off grants of up to £10,000 to small charities and social enterprises that are struggling during the current crisis. Organisations with a turnover up to £1m can apply.

National Heritage Lottery Fund 

National Heritage Lottery Fund has launched a £50m emergency fund.  It aims to address immediate pressures over the next 3-6 months for those most in need as well as provide increased investment in essential digital skills across the sector.  Grants of between £3,000 and £50,000 will be available to organisations that have received funding in the past and are either a current grantee, or still under contract following a previous grant.

Sport England

Sport England, which normally invest more than £250m of National Lottery and public money each year, has announced a package that totals £195m. This includes a £20m emergency fund and £55m to fund new ways of keeping people active.

Yapp Charitable Trust

support the smallest of charities (spending less than £40k per year) and we only fund running costs (including rent, utilities and salaries) with grants of up to £9,000 over 3 years.

Leathersellers’ Company Charitable

Fund inviting applications for up to £3k for charities supporting the homeless or those at risk of becoming homeless, provision of food and essential supplies, victims of domestic violence and nursing care to vulnerable patients.

The Culture in Quarantine Fund

This is a new commissioning strand launched by BBC Arts with Arts Council England to support England-based artists of any discipline to produce new works in creative media – video, audio and interactive whilst in isolation.

The Prince’s Countryside Fund 

Is an emergency grant for projects that support farm businesses or other rural businesses and rural communities. Total funding round 1 – £100k. Applications close on Wednesday 15th April at 12pm.

​Clothworkers' Emergency Capital Programme

The Clothworkers’ Emergency Capital Programme (CECP) will award small capital grants of up to £5,000 for essential capital items to adapt or increase services in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Specific Support for Scotland

Third Sector Resilience Fund

The Third Sector Resilience Fund (TSRF) is a £20m emergency fund for charities, community groups, social enterprises and voluntary organisations working in Scotland

Creative Scotland – Bridging Bursary Fund

individual artists and freelancers who have lost income from their creative work and/or practice, £500 and £2500 to help support immediate needs

Creative Scotland Open Fund - Sustaining Creative Development

Support to help individuals and organisations to sustain themselves, £1k and £50k to enable organisations to explore ways of working that will help them to adapt and respond to the current changing circumstances.

The National Emergencies Trust

They have set up a Coronavirus Appeal to raise funds for local charities and grassroots organisations that can provide vital support to people in the quickest way possible. Funds are being sought from members of the public, corporate donors, charitable trusts, community fundraising, and existing and new government funding programmes. 

Funds for Scottish organisations will be distributed by Foundation Scotland through the ‘Community Response, Recovery and Resilience Fund’ (RRR).

Most immediately, the Response element will provide emergency funding for local charities and grassroots organisation supporting people most in need. In the medium and longer term, Recovery and Resilience will fund a wider group of local charities and community organisations whose operations and finances have been affected so they can recover, re-establish or re-design their activities once the outbreak eases in response to community needs at that point.,-recovery-resilience-fund/

If you need any assistance in confirming eligibility or support in preparing applications, please do not hesitate to contact our charities team Karen Rae and Ross Preston on 0808 1445575 or email

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