Controlling Business Costs - Quick, Easy and Free

In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever for businesses to control their spending and look for ways to reduce their overheads, that is why Armstrong Watson has partnered with Reducer to deliver a free and simple to use cost management solution for all businesses.

Why Reducer?

With Reducer the price comparison process has never been easier.

Reducer analyses your bills, spots areas of overspending by comparing the prices paid to hundreds of suppliers. You will have access to our no-obligation personalised cost savings report, detailing a selection of the best deals available to you; providing peace of mind by confirming when a good deal is already in place!

Savings can be found in electricity, gas, water, card payments, broadband & telecommunications, waste & recycling and fuel cards.  Reducer handles any switches, leaving you to spend time doing more of the things you enjoy.

With Reducer you can make savings that are:


Let us have PDF or paper copies of your recent utility invoices and we’ll do the rest.


Reducer searches the market for the best deals and set up new contracts for the deals you choose.


Savings reports are based on your business needs, providing you with a selection of the best available deals.

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