I had a plan but I could not deliver on it myself and I could not employ this level of advice. It needs to be outsourced. All the advice given to date has helped my business and given me some freedom away from the day to day running. I now have a great machine  which is working really well.

The value of this Blue process is priceless.

Phil Wearmouth Managing Director, JJ Martin (Catering Appliance Superstore) Ltd

We have worked with Dave and Matt of Armstrong Watson for the last 12 months and now class them as part of BCS. Tony my business partner and I decided we needed to put together an advisory team, a group of people who can look from the outside in and have our and the companies best interests at heart.

Both Matt and Dave have a fantastic knack of pulling things out of you that you already know? They help you to approach issues and worries from alternative angles and push you to succeed in everything you do. You have to put the work in though, they don’t just tell you how to do it. This I believe is great for individuals personal development!!
I believe personally that I have grown and the company has grown in relation to our using Armstrong Watson as a part of the driving force for BCS. They sit in a prime position in our advisory team with our Marketing Company, Accountants etc and will continue to do so.

Dean Towers – Managing Director

We have wanted to develop ourselves and our business with a fresh approach - going in with an open mind, we have quickly gained a different perspective and we have started to change.  There is a fascinating blend of gradual, slow, 'wait and see' adjustment and some decisive, quick, 'take the plunge' change...its exciting to be moving to a new way of thinking, building on all the good things we have and leaving some of the not so good things behind.


Mark Sugden Managing Director, John W. Laycock Ltd

"The Armstrong Watson Blue Strategic Process which recently took place at Simpson is proving to be a catalyst to allow the Business to recognise our values and the opportunities for change and improvement”.

Running a 'family business' carries with it a set of unique challenges and opportunities specific to the balance between 'family' and 'business'.  As easy as it may to think that keeping the two distinct from each other is straightforward, the lines can become very blurred and often difficult to manage. As my experience in both business and family life grows the more I come to believe that you cannot "do it on your own" - in either area. The listening ear of other people, the experience of other people and the perspectives of other people are essential to making real and lasting progress.
We have recently embarked on a programme of development with David Richmond and the team at Armstrong Watson under their 'Blue' banner. We have stepped away from our day to day labours leaving many perceived problems at the office and stepped into an independent and trusted environment where we have been able to speak freely (both jointly as a management team and individually in one to one sessions).  The first session was both a relief and a revelation. The relief in taking a positive step to help ourselves - the revelation in how easy it was to open up and talk about issues we had probably thought too sensitive to get out in the open. Then comes the real value - a realistic plan. Having listened, questioned, and challenged we all worked together to agree definite objectives and plans to achieve them - both together and individually. This forward looking, objective based approach is stimulating and allows the principles established at the Blue session to be taken back into the maelstrom of day to day business - where, because of their clarity, they have a chance to take root.
We have wanted to develop ourselves and our business with a fresh approach - going in with an open mind, we have quickly gained a different perspective and we have started to change. There is a fascinating blend of gradual, slow, 'wait and see' adjustment and some decisive, quick, 'take the plunge' change...its exciting to be moving to a new way of thinking, building on all the good things we have and leaving some of the not so good things behind.

Mark Sugden, Managing Director, John W. Laycock Ltd

Amstrong Watson and specifically Grant Smith have been invaluable to the set up and successful running of Stapleton Creative Ltd. As a Creative I have very limited knowledge of all things tax and finance related, I am very logical, but sometimes even I can't work out all the jargon and the funny ways HMRC word things, so it is a massive help that Grant is always there to answer any questions I might have. Even the really strange ones.

Grant has guided me through VAT, tax and everything that relates to keeping my business, and its funds ticking over nicely. He is a pleasure to work with and always patient, I couldn't recommend Armstrong Watson more. The whole team are friendly and make me feel less ignorant than I am.

Jane Stapleton, Art Director, Stapleton Creative Ltd

Armstrong Watson has been my adviser since I started my business over 26 years ago. As the business has grown and developed, so has the relationship. Margaret is part of our extended team – I don’t always take her advice, but I feel secure knowing that she will tell me the way it is. She is a sounding board for my ideas. Businesses take risks, accountants crunch the numbers, so I’m very happy is that I’m getting sound advice.

David Hayton, Peugeot

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