Are you part of an Excepted Group Life arrangement?

What are the differences between Relevant Life Policy (RLP) and Excepted Group Life arrangements? RLPs are single employee policies and Excepted Group Life arrangements are, as the name suggests, for groups of employees.

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Farm Landlords and Tennants - The Tax Issues

There are various tax issues that arise in relation to transactions between landlords and farm tenants. Regardless of which side of the transaction you are on, it is important to understand both points of view.

Stamp Duty Land Tax on commencement

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Don't Take the State Pension for Granted

There have been several changes to the state pension system in recent years. This article will explain the current rules and hopefully alert to pitfalls which may result in lower amounts being received when reaching state pension age.

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Introducing a new wave of modern Beer Bars with a true Yorkshire heritage

North Brewing Co was founded in 2015 by John Gyngell and Christian Townsley, the brains behind legendary Leeds beer venue North Bar, which opened in 1997.

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Making tax digital – kicking the can down the road

The Spring Statement reveals delay's to Making Tax Digital for Income Tax and Corporation Tax.

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Spring Statement Summary

“Squeezed between the drama of this week’s Brexit votes it would be easy to have overlooked that the Chancellor today made his Spring Statement. This is not a Budget as we know it; that now takes place in the Autumn and is when the annual tax and spending announcements are made.

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Yorkshire Team Shortlisted for 4 Awards

Armstrong Watson's Yorkshire team has been shortlisted for an impressive 4 categories at this year's Yorkshire Accountancy Awards.

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Work Pressures - The Greatest Strains on Physical and Mental Health

There is an increasing trend of people working for longer and delaying their retirement, with some staying in work out of financial necessity.

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Spring Statement - Predictions and Hopes

Spring Statement predictions and hopes... 

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New Welsh Rate of Income Tax

With devolution comes different rates and ways of operating the tax system for our employees. However, unlike Scotland (SRIT) the Welsh Government only have powers to amend the rates of Income Tax and not the thresholds.

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Self-Employed Finances

A recent study found that more than 43% of business owners do not have a pension, compared to just 4% of those in employment and 36% of these say they cannot afford to save for retirement.

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Meet our entrepreneurial clients Bruce and Luke

Clients Bruce Brown and Luke Jackson are an entrepreneurial duo from Carlisle whose self-named brand ‘Bruce and Luke’s’ includes Foxes Café, Coffee Genius, Bruce and Luke's Donuts and also their coffee supply and mainentance service.

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Inflation Matters

Impact of rising prices on investments

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Wills and Inheritance Tax

Points to consider to avoid paying inheritence tax when making a last will and testament

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You have one life so invest wisely

Identifying multiple risk profiles for multiple goals 

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Owner Managed Businesses Holding Back Investment Decisions and Pessimistic about the Economy

What's next for businesses post brexit - are owner managed businesses holding back on investment decisions?

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Preparing for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit

Even by recent standards, it marks a strange day in Politics when a British Prime Minister views it as a successful result to be given a brief to go back to re-negotiate a deal which is already binding and the EU insists it has no intention of re-opening.

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New Year Resolution – get your paperwork in order

Are you part of a farming partnership? Do you know what the annual accounts show in terms of ownership of the business? 

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Creating the workforce of the future

The World Economic Forum suggests that Artificial Intelligence could create 130 million jobs worldwide. What types of job will that create and will this mean less skilled factory workers required in the manufacturing industry?

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Celebrating 4 Years of Platinum Partnership with Xero

Armstrong Watson are celebrating four years as a Xero Platinum Partner and the first anniversary of their making business digital client conversion project.

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Latest news

Becoming a partner in a law firm: Is it worth it?

There's many questions to ask when considering becoming a partner in a law firm. Is it worth it? How can I improve my chances? Andy Poole, Legal Sector Partner, answer some of those FAQs.

Brexit may increase tax penalties

HMRC have declared penalty notices for taxpayers who failed to meet the 31st January tax return deadline will not be posted until April - this delay is due to Brexit! 

SRA Accounts Rules compliance: Impact of Revised Rules

Legal Sector Director, Rosy Rourke, answers the most common questions around SRA Accounts Rules complaince and what impact the new rules might have.

SRA Accounts Rules compliance: Impact of New Rules

Legal Sector Director, Rosy Rourke, answers the most common questions around SRA Accounts Rules complaince, particularly around how the new rules may have an impact on such things as accounting processes and the definition of client money.