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Help with HMRC Tax Investigations and Enquiries

A tax investigation or HMRC enquiry into an individual's or company's tax return can be a very stressful time for those unlucky enough to be targeted by the investigative arm of the HMRC.

Tax officials can open a variety of enquiries into a taxpayer’s affairs, ranging from a general enquiry to an in-depth tax fraud investigation. 

Our specialist tax team includes ex-HMRC staff whose wealth of experience dealing with all types of HMRC investigation will support and guide you through your case.

We will work with you to obtain the facts and be there to support you at each meeting with HMRC and to guide you through the process. We will ensure the very best outcome and if there are penalties, that you receive full mitigation. 

Finally, if HMRC are at fault, we have experience in claiming costs against HMRC to ensure you are in no worse position financially as well as getting compensation payments for the distress that such enquiries can cause.

If you are subject to a tax investigation or wish to take advantage or any one of HMRC's campaigns or even make a voluntary disclosure, we can help you to manage the enquiry to ensure the very best outcome.

Tax Investigation

If you are the subject of a general HMRC enquiry, our experienced tax team can help you to respond and manage your enquiry, ensuring the very best outcome.

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Discovery Assessment

Tax specialists on hand to provide piece-of-mind by managing your discovery assessment case and where necessary challenge it's validity.

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Contractual Disclosure Facility COP9

Our tax experts will meet with you to obtain the facts and be there at each meeting with HMRC to guide and support you through the process.

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Contentious HMRC Enquiry

Our dedicated tax team has years of experience negotiating difficult issues with HMRC. Where HMRC are at fault, compensation can be claimed for distress caused.

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HMRC Campaigns

HMRC penalties can be huge. If you want to take advantage of a current disclosure campaign, we can provide the knowledge and advice you need to ensure any penalties imposed are minimal.

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Voluntary Disclosure

From an innocent mistake to a history of understated tax, our experienced tax experts will negotiate on your behalf to ensure a swift resolution at minimal cost.

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Assisting Other Professionals

Our B2B service provides Armstrong Watson's tax expertise to other accountants and advisers. Our team can provide guidance and representation for both professionals and their clients.

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Tax Investigations Service

Tax investigations are a costly business, often taking many months to successfully conclude. In order to ensure that our clients are protected against the expenses of an investigation, we offer the opportunity to enrol with our Tax Investigation Service.

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HMRC Tax Investigations Service

Find out about the Tax Investigations service we offer to our clients to protect them against the expenses of an investigation. We also offer the opportunity to enrol with our Tax Investigation Service.

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