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Accommodation providers face many challenges due to the changes in consumer demand and holiday habits, therefore maintaining and increasing occupancy, recruiting staff and revitalising the servies offered to guests is a constant focus. Larger Hotels and Guesthouses understand the need to provide a greater range of services to guests in order to give an exceptional experience.

Our team of experts at Armstrong Watson understand the unique challenges faced and are already helping a large number of clients in the sector. We can help you raise finance for capital expansion, strategic advice, growing revenues and profits, whilst giving you all the operational support that you require.


VAT can be a complex area in the most simple business, but add hot and cold food, luxury goods and takeaway food into the mix and VAT in the hospitality sector becomes a minefield. We can help you make sense of the complexities and ensure systems are in place to ensure you remain compliant and take advantage of any reliefs available.

Expansion & Exit

If you are thinking of expanding your business, our experienced team can support you through identifying acquisitions and raising fiance to ensure you have the most tax efficient structure in place, whilst integrating operations into your existing business.

Inheritance Tax (IHT)

The structure in which a hotel or property is owned will impact on various taxes if ownership changes. We help our clients reduce exposure to inheritance tax through careful planning, preserving their wealth for future generations.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

Though careful planning and disposal of assets, Armstrong Watson's tax consultants can help substantially reduce your Capital Gains Tax liability

Exit Planning

We will help you reduce the tax on a sale of property and can support you through the whole process, from identifying a buyer, maximising the value of your business and guiding you through to completion.

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