Science and Technology

Accounting and strategic advice for science and technology businesses

Science, technology and innovation are the life blood of the economy. The best companies recognise that to remain competitive, innovative new products, processes and services are essential. Companies that innovate are 80% more profitable that those who don’t. Our experience and skills in the sector helps our clients to grow their businesses and flourish from the small owner managed business setting out to the established companies looking to expand.

Research & Development (R&D)

Our specialist tax team will maximise tax relief for your company, claiming up to 230% of your R&D expenditure.

Grant applications and reporting

Armstrong Watson can assist you with grant applications and ensure compliance with grant audit and reporting requirements.

Raising finance

Our relationship with major banks and funding providers ensure we can help your business raise the finance it needs.

International accounting

As a member of MSI Global Alliance, Armstrong Watson can provide support for exporters or business with overseas interests.

Capital Allowances

Armstrong Watson's Capital Allowance experts will ensure your business is not missing out on relief available from capital expenditure.

The Patent Box

Our expert team can advise on all Patent Box issues, and ensure your business receives full benefits.

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