A business relationship that runs deeper

We’ve been supporting, advising and protecting clients across the North of England and Scotland for over 155 years, providing a full range of specialist services and financial advice including accountancycloud accounting, audit, tax, payroll, corporate finance, financial planning, wealth management, forensic accounting, outsourced finance function, client technology and corporate restructuring, recovery and insolvency.

With 19 regional offices from Glasgow to Leeds and Newcastle to Manchester, we’re focused enough to provide a truly tailored service and large and experienced enough to work alongside any size of business.

Our advice process and promise to you..

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We’re here to work with you on the performance of your business, understanding every part of the operation, your people, processes, current status and forecasted plans. Our role is to share in your vision, to work with you as you progress towards identified goals, and to support and guide you towards finding key areas of opportunity, efficiency and growth.

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What our clients say

We’ve been helping individuals and businesses for over 155 years and we are proud to say that we truly value personal relationships, both with our colleagues and clients. It’s this value of our people and their skills that enables us to deliver a service to our clients that’s second to none.




How we help others

We celebrate the individuality of our staff and the wide range of charities they choose to support, as well as the vast array of activities they undertake to fundraise for their chosen cause.

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Doing business responsibly

We are dedicated to minimising the environmental impact of our business. As part of our congoing commitment to this, we concentrate on the five areas where our business has the greatest impact upon our environmental: transport, waste, paper, water and energy. Below are some of the ways in which we are reducing our environmental impact.



Staff are encouraged to car share where possible or use public transport. Videocon and telephone conferencing facilities are available across the firm.



Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Each office recycles paper and card, toners, light bulbs, batteries, cans, plastic and glass. Staff reuse old stationery and furniture where possible.



We use 100% recycled paper for printing, copying and letters. Marketing materials are printed on 100% recyclable paper approved by the FSC commission.



Water Hippos have been installed across the firm which save one litre of water per toilet flush. Regular checks are done across each office to monitor for leaks.



We switch off, turn down during lunch breaks or extended time away from desks. All equipment is turned off at the end of the day. Office temperatures are regulated and reduced outside of working hours.