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Low cost and hi-tech gadgets are now readily available and your customers may now not only want, but expect to be able to buy goods at a time and place convenient for them, whether that means nipping to the shops at lunch or surfing the web in the twilight hours, your retail business needs to be adaptable to an increase in channels and changes in the market place.

Difficult trading conditions see no sign of improving as consumers continue to tighten their financial belts yet seek out better value and better service at a cheaper price.  While the cost of your goods may be rising, sometimes above the rate of inflation, and your utilities are escalating at a rate of knots, you need to know your numbers and understand what costs you can afford to absorb, and what you should pass on to the customer.  

Armstrong Watson can help you to make these key decisions and adapt to an increasingly demanding market place, helping you with everything from strategic advice, business plans and corporate finance through to book keeping and Payroll services to take the hassle out of running a retail or wholesale business. 

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