Becky Bowness, Corporate Tax Director

Becky Bowness joins Armstrong Watson as Corporate Tax Director

Becky joins Armstrong Watson from Big 4 accounting firm PwC, where she has spent the last six years in their London International and M&A tax teams.

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Karen Thomson and Paul Dickson from Armstrong Watson

First Payroll Professional as New Partner

Congratulations to Karen Thomson, Director of Group Payroll Services on her promotion to Payroll Partner and becomes only the second known Payroll Partner of an accountancy firm in the whole of the UK.

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Yorkshire Team Shortlisted for 4 Awards

Armstrong Watson's Yorkshire team has been shortlisted for an impressive 4 categories at this year's Yorkshire Accountancy Awards.

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Meet our entrepreneurial clients Bruce and Luke

Clients Bruce Brown and Luke Jackson are an entrepreneurial duo from Carlisle whose self-named brand ‘Bruce and Luke’s’ includes Foxes Café, Coffee Genius, Bruce and Luke's Donuts and also their coffee supply and mainentance service.

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Latest news

Why Invest Rather Than Simply Save?

To invest sucssessfully with Armstrong Watson you need a clear understanding of your financial goals, how long you want to invest for, and what risk you are prepared to take.

Our Free Guide to Retirement Options

The most important decision you will make about the rest of your life?

Generally speaking people are living longer which means that many will either need to continue to be in work, or have enough money to enable them to retire early, so saving into a pension remains one of the most appropriate vehicles to accumulate retirement funds due to the tax relief you will re


Lorraine Kelly has HMRC for Breakfast

TV presenter Lorraine Kelly has recently won her case against HMRC regarding the taxation of her personal service company (PSC). Kelly provided her services to ITV through her company Albatel rather than contracting with them personally.

Easter Eggs on a yellow background

Bank holidays and HMRC real time submissions

With Easter looming, often employers get confused when to submit their Full Payment Submission (FPS) and what date to use for HMRC over bank holidays. Here's a helpful guide to ensure you know what to put on the FPS as the payment date whether paying early, or later.