Andy Poole, Corporate Finance Partner - Legal Sector

Andy Poole

Corporate Finance Partner - Legal Sector

About Andy

Andy heads the firm’s nationwide services to the legal sector, covering all of the firm’s offices, and has specialised exclusively in the legal sector since 2004.  He provides merger, acquisition, disposal, valuation and forecasting services to law firms as well as helping firms to improve by working with them on formal strategic consultancy programmes, benchmarking and training courses.

Andy understands and proactively informs law firms on issues that may impact on them. He speaks at national solicitors’ conferences and is a regular contributor to the legal press.

Andy is co-author of the Law Society’s toolkit on financial stability

Andy is co-author of Adjusting the Numbers: the Future of Finance in Law Firms

What our clients say about Andy

Andy Poole, Legal Sector Partner at Armstrong Watson, speaking at the Katchr users conference on where law firms need to concentrate their efforts in order to boost profits and cash.

Armstrong Watson is proud to work in partnership with the Law Society for the provision of accountancy services to law firms throughout England and Wales. 

What our clients say about Andy