Case Study: Commercial Vehicle Assistance

The management team (“MBO Team”) in a highly successful commercial vehicle assistance company had decided the time was right to approach the existing owners with a view to completing a Management Buy Out (“MBO”). The business had been established by the existing owners and they had been involved in the business for a number of years. Therefore, understandably, the existing owners had a certain level of emotional attachment to the business and the approach had to be handled sensitively and finance had to be raised to fund the deal. 

What we did

  • We led the detailed negotiations in order to preserve the harmonious working relationship between the existing owners and the MBO team during this period of transition.
  • We helped the MBO team raise the required finance and we negotiated the financing terms to ensure the MBO team got a good deal.
  • We introduced appropriate lawyers and other professional advisers with particular expertise in this field to ensure the MBO team received a high standard of appropriate advice.
  • We project managed the entire transaction. 


  • We identified appropriate sources of finance and raised the required levels of finance to fund the deal.
  • We negotiated the financing terms to secure a good deal for the MBO team.
  • We project managed the transaction through to a timely and successful completion so the MBO team are now able to implement their own further strategies for growing this successful business further and are now in a position to fully reap the rewards.