Case Study: Dental Surgery


A Dentist based in Yorkshire has been with their previous accountant for over 5 years. Over this time, contact had been minimal and they didn’t receive any input into other areas of the business.

The owner of the practice felt that they were paying a lot of tax but they were not getting any input from their current accountant with regards to strategies were tax could be saved. 

What we did

After discussion with their local Armstrong Watson Partner, it became apparent that there ways in which we could save this client tax through the implementation of a Corporate Partner Scheme.

We worked closely with this client to get their accounts in order and implement the scheme.


The scheme will save this client £20,000 each year in tax savings.

The client was very pleased with the result and the personal service they received from Armstrong Watson and commented that they had had more contact in a month from Armstrong Watson than they had had with their previous accountant in 5 years.