Case Studies

Case Study: Website developer left unpaid

Escalate dispute service on behalf of a website developer who was left unpaid recieves £35,000

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insolvent company files

Case Study: Insolvent Company

Escalate dispute service on behalf of an insolvent company's creditors. Total amount recieved £270,000

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Roadwork traffic cones

Case Study: Pursuing sub-contractor's insurers after damage caused to underground fibre wiring

The Problem

This was a contractual claim against the insurers of a sub-contractor, who caused damage to underground fibre wiring when digging up a road - despite being made aware of the wiring and its location.

This had left the claimant out of pocket as they had to settle the costs of the damage, in the order of about £150k. They were seeking to recover back the losses from the sub-contractor as they had been the actual cause of the damage, having not taken appropriate care when digging the road up.

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Designers in a creative agency

Case Study: Unpaid Invoices, IP infringement and a non-responsive client

The problem

A creative agency carried out work for their client (a data and storage solutions provider) for approximately 3 years. Their work comprised of a social media plan, with ongoing account management, planning and strategic development. The agency worked on a number of specific projects, for both the ‘core’ and ‘consumer’ brand - each with their own separate, respective client contacts.

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Row of colourful houses

Case Study: Failed Property Investment in US - Recouping Costs

The problem

This claim arose out of a failed property investment by a UK couple, towards a new development in the USA. The claim was against either the US developer and/or the UK property brokerage. Having transferred the investment monies, the development was never progressed. The couple chased the return of their monies without success for two years.

How Escalate helped

Upon engaging us, the Escalate team managed to secure the return of the couple’s full investment plus costs within two months.

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Transport lorry on motorway

Case Study: Recovering negligence costs from insurer

The Problem

An SME within the transport and logistics sector had a two-part negligence claim against both its insurer and broker, for a shortfall in cover. This stemmed from an insurance claim they had made, and the failure to pay out cover when machinery was damaged.

The business had failed to gain any joy via either insurer or broker in its claim on the policy, and was left exposed to the tune of £300k. Lawyers were engaged and failed to secure any return, resulting in causing the company to incur further costs in lost abortive legal fees.

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Construction worker on site

Case Study: Breach of purchase agreement arising from company sale

The Problem

A construction and renovation business was agreed to be sold to one of the company’s suppliers. The sale agreement was documented, comprising of an up-front payment with 70% of the purchase price deferred. The agreement was based around a convoluted and poorly drafted set of consultancy arrangements, that would in theory see payment discharged in line with the performance of the business over the following couple of years.

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Case Study: Construction business moves to AW and sees benefit of proactive, full service approach

Armstrong Watson were appointed auditors, accountants and business advisers to R N Wooler & Company Limited and they have found a different level of client service since making the decision.

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North Brewing Co in Leeds

Case Study: Introducing a new wave of modern Beer Bars with a true Yorkshire heritage

Matt Osbourne, Lead Partner for Armstrong Watson, Leeds, has been working with and advising North Brewing Co over the last 12 months.  Matt explores the qualities that make North Brewing Co, and the individuals that drive it, such a standout success.

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Manufacturer and Accountant in factory

Case Study: Recently reviewed your costings process? Here’s why you should…

Accurately knowing your costings is an essential part of running a successful business, particularly if you’re looking to make significant changes and grow. However, sometimes the need to make changes in your business also requires the need to change the way those costings are worked out too.

We recently assisted a long standing Manufacturing client with exactly this issue. The method they were using for costing their production of parts for the engineering industry was old fashioned and no longer fit for purpose.

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The deadline for June 2021 claims is 14 July 2021. If you require our JRS team to submit your claims please send them to by 9 July 2021. For details on the changes to the scheme visit our CJRS page.