York Legal Sector Breakfast Briefing

The Profitable Practice Formula: How To Get More Clients and Increase Profitability Without Working More Hours

Having more of the right kinds of clients, and increasing profits without working more hours, are on the ‘wish list’ for many law firms - but how do you actually achieve it?

Michelle Peters (The Business Instructor) will share ‘The Profitable Practice Formula’ that enables firms to have more clients and increased profits without working more hours.

This practical, workshop-style presentation will cover:

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Carlisle Legal Sector Breakfast Briefing

Developing Succession Planning Strategies - to be competitive

Succession planning involves safeguarding the future wellbeing of a professional firm, but too many firms put their heads in the sand and hope the problem will go away. Instead, as time passes planning for the future becomes even more urgent, with the risk of a firm becoming leaderless and losing its best talent and clients.

In this Breakfast Briefing Peter Scott will address some of these crucial issues which firms now need to face up to if they are to secure their futures, including:

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