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The last few months have seen an encouraging uptake of our offer of a free introductory Blue session, with many clients and prospective clients taking advantage of this.

A range of businesses have appreciated the opportunity to take time out of the operational day job and spend time with our skilled Blue facilitators to really focus on strategic direction and goals for the business as well as the aspirations of the individual business owners.

While every session will be different, because every business is different, there are a range of common themes arising from Blue sessions; some of these being:-

  • Business owners acknowledging the need for, and valuing, a focused session on what the business needs to do differently; something that they rarely otherwise get the chance to do
  • Commitment to the ring fencing of appropriate time and having the discipline to stick to the key actions plans, which are the outcomes of the Blue session
  • Business owners admitting that they are doing too much themselves and not “letting go” by delegating to others in the team
  • Acknowledging that with no clear succession or exit plan, there will be little chance of optimising the value of the business
  • The need to address appropriate funding in the business to take advantage of growth opportunities as the economy recovers

Do any of these themes sound familiar? If so, get in touch and we will be delighted to arrange a free introductory Blue session with you, to explore what can take your business to a new level.

Douglas Russell, Partner

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