Did the business cope without you?

In July, I wrote about the impending holiday season in my article “Can the business cope without you?

The general theme was whether you have the ability to “switch off” from the business during your summer break. Well, how did that work out for you?

My discussions with clients tell me there are broadly three scenarios that they experience as business owners:

1.Not very well – I was constantly on the phone and dealing with emails, and never really felt that I was able to unwind and did not enjoy a complete break.

2.Good holiday, but I came back to a load of problems and issues, and within days I felt that I had lost the benefit of the break, as it was “back to the grind.”

3.Great holiday. I was able to totally switch off and relax and the team did a fantastic job of covering everything in my absence.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

If you have experienced scenario three then this is the “dream scenario” to be in and congratulations are in order for having a fully functional management structure. The batteries will be fully re-charged and you are most likely to have positive energy for focusing on the strategic direction of your business.

If you have experienced something similar to scenarios one and two however, it is clear that you need to be doing some work on your business, so that you can move closer to the dream scenario three in the future.

We can help you address such issues by offering a Blue session and assisting you to find the right solutions.

Douglas Russell, Partner

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