Five great apps to grow your business


Mobile technology is enabling us to make the most of spare time, whether it be waiting for a meeting or traveling on a train. I thought it would be good to share some apps that I believe could help you grow your business and all are either free or cost less than £2.


Brainstormr Mobile (£1.99)

To get any business growing you need good ideas, and with this app you can get the good ideas flowing. The app allows you to easily set up a subject such as “What new products should I sell?”, which you can either keep to yourself and populate as and when ideas pop into your head, or you can share with colleagues, friends or family members for their ideas.


Evernote (free)

To grow your business you need to be organised and with Evernote you have your mobile filing cabinet at your finger tips. It allows to keep notes, to do lists, record voice notes, scan business cards and many other great features. This is one of the highest rated business apps on both Google Play and ITunes and is free.


Feedly/Buffer (free)

It is said knowledge is power, however we don’t all have the time to read as much as we would like. Feedly is a great app for delivering news/blogs from all you favourite sites into one place for you to read when you have a spare moment.

For those that like social media you can use the Buffer integration to push out stories that you believe would be relevant to your followers on twitter at the click of a button.


Mailchimp (free up to 2,000 user list)

If you send newsletters by email then I would recommend having a look at MailChimp. For mailing lists up to 2,000 subscribers MailChimp is free and allows you a far greater level of analytics than many competitors to enable you to maximise your return from your newsletter campaigns.


Xero (free, but requires a Xero subscription)

In order to run any successful business you need to have accurate accounting records, to enable you to make the right decisions. Xero accounting software allows you manage your business on the go with this award winning app.

The app allows you to view all bank account details, reconcile your bank accounts, create and send invoices, upload receipts on the go and find contacts, call customers and suppliers or see their location on a map.


And a bonus sixth great app thrown in for good measure:

Numerous (free)

Being an accountant I couldn’t miss this one off the list. Numerous is a dashboard for all your personal numbers. Whether it be the number of days to the opening of your new store or the launch of new product, or simply viewing the number of days remaining until your year end; this can easily be set up to give you that reminder. You can see the number of followers you have on twitter, the value of the FTSE, exchange rates that matter to you, or your year to date sales information.

You may simply want a reminder of how many days it is until your birthday!


If you would like help growing your business please do get in touch.

Grant Smith, Partner