Energy & Renewables - how we can help you keep the lights on

As a firm with a keen interest in Energy & Renewables, it’s easy to see why we are hearing more and more about “keeping the lights on”. Regardless of what stance you take in the energy debate, few would argue that energy security isn’t one of the most critical things on the country’s agenda right now.

The UK’s energy that comes from low carbon sources is still low at 12%. Other countries leading the way stand at over 40%. Decarbonisation is a huge challenge and it will take a significant effort in the coming years to hit government and EU targets.

The Energy & Renewables sector covers a vast range of businesses and these are the types of businesses we typically work with:

  • Farmers and land owners looking into renewable projects (e.g. Solar, Wind, Anaerobic Digestion, Biomass)
  • Renewable project businesses whose existence is purely to deliver such renewable projects
  • Engineers, Manufacturers and Waste Management Businesses supplying the Nuclear Industry
  • Individual consultants and contractors supplying the nuclear industry

The case for nuclear is strong and has a great deal of cross party support and public support. West Cumbria can claim to be of international, not just national, importance due to its nuclear history and expertise and it seems that this region is set to flourish as a result.

Renewables targets also reinforce how important those technologies are in meeting demand and the energy mix. We have seen many clients diversifying into renewable energy. The tax implications of doing so can be complicated and this is where we have been able to add real value to their projects.

How we can help:

  • Provide tax consultancy (personal and business) to those diversifying into renewable energy projects
  • Help people to raise finance to fund new energy projects
  • Compliance and consultancy work for individual consultants and contractors supplying the industry
  • Research & Development tax relief claims:

    as examples, we have recently made successful R&D tax relief claims for:
    -  a new binder product that can replace cement and gypsum and saves on CO2 (80% lower than cement)
    -  a new system to reduce the energy used in dairy farming
    -  temperature monitoring technology that seeks to reduce energy consumption in the food industry

If you’d like to hear more about how we could add value to your plans, we’d love to hear from you.

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