The view from the forensic team

Last time we were pleased to announce the arrival of our new forensic team so in this blog we thought we would give you a flavour of some of the cases they are currently working on.

Matthew Geale leads the team and specialises in claims arising from commercial litigation, intellectual property infringements, professional negligence and personal injury.

His current cases include:

Acting for a prestige champagne producer

Preparing an expert witness report in relation to a claim for the profits made by a cava producer who has infringed their trade mark by selling their products under a similar name. The case has been complicated by the lack of disclosure from the cava producer resulting in Matthew having to establish a series of appropriate assumptions upon which to project the level of sales of the products.

Assessment of depreciation policies

Providing an assessment of the appropriate depreciation policies to be applied in relation to a claim for the deterioration of heavy plant and equipment that is alleged to have arisen as a result of a contractual delay in which the plant and equipment was left on site.

Loss to an elderly individual arising from an accident

Assessing the loss to an elderly individual arising from an accident two years prior to the period when he was due to sell his business. Whilst the individual managed to sell his business, it was at a sum significantly below the amount that he had anticipated receiving. Matthew therefore needs to assess the loss that specifically arises from the accident as opposed to losses arising from other factors such as market conditions etc.

Termination of agency agreements

Assisting a number of organisations to assess the amounts that they may have to pay if they decided to terminate the agency agreements that they currently have. Many such organisations are currently assessing whether the use of agents is now the most efficient and cost effect way of managing a sales force.

Loss of profits from business interruption

Providing an expert witness report on the loss of profits to a business arising from an interruption to their utility supplies. 

Liesel Annible, forensic director, has specialised in financial investigations since 1993 and is currently involved in the following cases:

Conspiracy to defraud a local housing association

Acting as the expert witness for the prosecution in relation to an individual who was charged with conspiracy to defraud the local housing association she worked for. The housing association has been wound up due to a lack of funds. The Defendant pleaded guilty at the start of the trial and is currently awaiting sentence.

Theft from a charity

Investigating the alleged theft of over £400,000 from a branch of a national charity by its financial controller. The alleged thefts represent a significant part of the donations received by the branch in the period 2010 to 2015.

Our forensic team have extensive experience in dealing with all types of litigation cases including:

  • Insurance claims, e.g. personal injury claims, business interruption, etc.

  • Business and shareholder disputes

  • Professional negligence claims

  • Contentious probate and Court of Protection matters

  • Intellectual property disputes; and

  • Fraud by employees, executives and third parties.

They are always happy to have an initial discussion with you regarding the circumstances of your case and will provide you with straightforward practical advice.


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