Why clients are giving the thumbs up to cloud accounting

It was whilst I was having a coffee with a business partner recently that the subject of cloud based accounting packages once again came up. My business partner commented how more and more of his clients were presenting their accounting information using such packages.

I was quick to point out that Armstrong Watson is a Xero Platinum Partner and we have been actively encouraging clients to move on to this product for some time now as we are strong advocates of this method of maintaining accounting records.

My own personal experience of using Xero has been very positive and this is also reflected in the feedback I have been receiving from our clients who have made the switch to Xero and cloud based accounting: “It is simple to use”, “I like it” and “life is so much easier”.

I have explored this feedback further and summarise below the positive experiences our clients have had from using Xero to maintain their accounts:

Remote instant access to financial information

The accounting data held in the cloud is accessible by clients anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection. There is no need to take backups or carry data around and you can have instant access to live and up-to-date data, giving a better understanding of the financial performance of the business. One of my clients commented “this is enabling me to make hands on decisions that impact on the performance of the business much quicker”.

Potential to go paperless

As one client commented the remote access is giving them “the potential to go paperless in a cost effective way”. Xero also allows scanned copies of invoices to be uploaded and referenced to accounting transactions. Therefore, the days of having to keep boxes and boxes of paper invoice files are gone - not only does this save on storage space but also makes clients’ documents more secure and extremely accessible should anyone want to access them.

Amazing support

The remote access also allows clients to have more support and help from their accountant. Clients are finding they can be viewing the same accounting information as their accountant from remote locations and having a discussion over the phone. The fact that the data is all held in the same place means you are both reviewing the same data in real time, enabling the accountant to become an integral part of the business management team. One client felt that the support from their accountant along with the online tutorials built into the Xero software were “amazing”.

Monthly Subscription

The cost of the software is also seen as a positive, especially for new start up businesses, as the Xero software is subscribed for on a monthly basis. One client in particular saw this as “a key factor in the early days of my business as there was no need for a large outlay to purchase an accounts package and the licence”. As the accounting data is maintained constantly there is no need for upgrades nor is there the danger that you and your client are using different versions of the software.

The feedback I am receiving from clients since making the switch has been very positive with a resounding thumbs up all round. If you would like further information about how Xero can help improve your business I would encourage you to contact Armstrong Watson and speak to one of our many Xero accredited staff.

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