MSI Presentation - Parisian Showcase

In future I am going to insist all presentations should be practiced over cups of tea in a Parisian hotel after spending a lovely day in Versailles. It certainly took the edge off presenting to 150 delegates from around the world for me and my collaborator Emma Ginguay from Synerga last October.  

So why was I lucky enough to be in Paris – when I’m usually to be found in the less glamourous surroundings of Penrith? Well, it’s all thanks to the work we do with MSI Global Alliance. 

MSI is a network of independent legal and accountancy firms from over 100 countries.  Membership allows firms to help their clients with cross border issues.  As a firm we’ve been part of MSI for over 10 years. Each year the firms gather for an annual conference and the most recent conference was held in Paris. These conferences are a great opportunity to network, meet contacts in person, enjoy some interesting speakers – and yes, it must be said, have some great food and enjoy a few pleasant outings. The serious business of networking is easy when everyone is having fun! 

Still, there was a bit of hard work to do for me. Having worked together on many cases over the years with the French member firm Synerga, they asked me to join them in a ‘show case’ slot. Show cases are short presentations where member firms highlight examples of work they have done together. Emma and I had worked on an interesting case together and our little double act can be seen in the linked recording. 

There is an argument we were light relief after earlier speakers that day had addressed topics such as the crisis of IRIS and how the digital age will render advisors obsolete!  Still, it was pleasing that our presentation was so well received. Emma particularly deserves credit for doing it so fluently in her second language. A feat I could not have achieved in French.

It was good to be able to share our experiences of joint working with other MSI members and show how that benefited our client. I’ve always found working with other MSI members a very positive experience. Being part of the MSI family allows us to help our clients do more and go further. 

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