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Armstrong Watson is delighted to announce that Stuart Smith has joined the team in West Cumbria as a Financial Planning Consultant. Stuart has spent most of his working life in West Cumbria with over 15 years’ experience in financial services. Stuart prides himself on developing trusted relationships with clients and identifying their financial goals and more importantly, how they can achieve them with the right foundations in place.


Stuart comments:

‘I love being with clients, having that face to face contact and relating to people from all walks of life. I take real pleasure in working with people, helping them to achieve their financial aspirations and helping to protect them from life’s unforeseen circumstances along the way. I believe that this is essential in planning properly for the future. In such a complex environment it’s often hard for people to understand what’s right for them or where to start. My job is to make sense of what’s going on and what is right for them and their family.  I am really pleased to be joining the team at Armstrong Watson, their values of passion, honesty, trust and humanity are closely aligned with my own so it was a good fit. The firm has a great reputation in West Cumbria and is a trusted name both within the industry and outside of it. I’m looking forward to meeting with more clients, developing those relationships and working with them towards achieving their financial dreams.’


Derek Baty, Financial planning Director, comments:

‘We’re delighted to welcome Stuart to the team. His experience is already proving hugely popular with our clients and he is working closely with the wider team in West Cumbria to bring joined up advice to the area. We are finding more and more in the current environment, that people are looking for a relationship of trust and face to face communication. With Stuart on board we can work together to help them identify areas within their finances that they hadn’t considered, highlight any gaps and suggest solutions that really fit their goals. Our job is to help our clients achieve those goals and support them along the way, and Stuart is already proving invaluable in doing that for West Cumbria.’






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