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The year 2017 has been a year of celebration at Armstrong Watson given it has been our 150th anniversary, which has been marked by several internal and external events.  The most noticeable external event is the Face Forward Portrait project, which following a number of events recently continues its journey around our offices in the coming weeks, to find out more please click here.

For 150 years Armstrong Watson have supported, protected and advised family businesses and we can not wait to continue this partnership with our clients for the next 150 years.  As part of our commitment and excellence to family business owners in recent years we have conducted annual surveys, to enhance our understanding of the issues our clients face alongside marketplace perception.  Following ground breaking results in the last two years, the family business conference held at the Halston in Carlisle on Thursday 19 October 2017 will see the launch of our third annual survey, which will delve even deeper in to the inner working of family businesses, which make up at least 70% of privately owned businesses across the UK.

The new survey will explore current challenges which are placing increased burdens upon family business owners, either imposed by central government or random events.  In a digital world there is increasing pressure for information sharing between countries which will increase government powers and a sense of a ‘Big Brother’ nation.  Although it also brings access to a world wide audience which can promote innovation and growth, which inadvertently creates an increased risk of cyber fraud, which unfortunately thrives on aspiration.

Owning and running a family business can be a lonely adventure, with personal uncertainty and continual self questioning of your actions.  This should never be the case, you are not on your own and you certainly are not completely unique in the challenges you face.  The results of the survey will serve to generate conversation and awareness that the issues are common, which whilst your individual circumstances may feel unique you are by no means alone.  I would implore every family business owner to take part in the survey as you will be surprised by the results and the themes which match your current frustrations.

Look out for our next 2017 Family Business Survey coming soon, or get in touch and register your interest in taking part and have your say!

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