45 ways to increase your retail profits

It is fair to say that retail is unquestionably facing its toughest times in recent years, with the threat that the internet poses, increasing employee costs and reducing family income, all leaving less money available for retail spending!

We believe its the independent retailers that add character to our high streets so download our top 45 steps to increasing retail profits and get ahead...

Here's our top 5 steps to guarentee 

1. Create a great window display.

When did you last review your window display? Is it modern? Clean? Inviting? Your shop window should reflect your soul and the character of the business. Large retailers can encourage customers in with cheap prices. Smaller retailers have to be different, almost become a destination point. If you don’t achieve this, many people may pass at the first hurdle and walk on by.

2. Offer street samples/discount vouchers.

This can be a very simple an effective way of getting instant wins, everyone likes free things, so use it as an opportunity to give potential customers a flavour of what you are about.

3. Make sure your website is engaging.

Every retail business by now should have a website, whether it is an ecommerce site or an information website. Either way, it needs to be engaging to its target customers, and have great call to actions encouraging them to complete their purchase or make the visit into the shop.

4. Take heed of Search Engine Optimisation.

Still an important aspect of websites, if you a have a potential customer Googling running shoes then it is important that your shop selling running shoes appears as high up the rankings as possible to sign post them to you.

5. Create informative blogs.

Many independent retailers have great industry knowledge. Use blogs to regularly show your customers you know what you are talking about and why they should come to your shop. It’s often that specialist knowledge that drives a sale, and customers occasionally don’t mind paying a little more to get that expert advice.






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