Dreaming BIG at All Saints Primary

Representatives from a range of local businesses brought careers and job titles to life when they visited All Saints Primary School. This was the school’s Careers and Aspirations day and it was a roaring success, helping light ambition in young minds while also underlining the hard work needed to achieve success in any field.

Richard Askew from Armstrong Watson and Sarah Glass from the Primary Business Partnership played hosts for the event and got the event off to a lively start by asking children to match the people in front of them with their careers.

Local business representatives supporting the day included:

  • Lorraine Barr- Business Development and Marketing Manager Trout Hotel
  • Dawn Watson - Strategy Implementation Manager Sellafield Ltd

The children had a chance to question the speakers and find out more about their fascinating careers following presentations from all the speakers.

The second part of the morning session the children got into smaller groups where employers delivered workshops which brought their professions to life. These included a role play session, using the game of monopoly to talk about profit and loss and the world of accounting and making and designing boxes to explain engineering  and talk about the complex challenges at Sellafield Ltd.

The strong message that the children got from the whole session was that working hard is the only way to achieve your goals. Something the school’s deputy head Gareth White very much appreciated, commenting to the speakers that “it was really nice for children to hear from local business people and realise they can choose what they want to do and through events like these, feel inspired to hard work to get there.”

Richard Askew Partner at Armstrong Watson who helped to organise the event said: 
"This was a fantastic event, held at a School close to my heart. All Saints was my primary school many years ago, and sits in the heart of the community in which I grew up in.

The children and staff were very welcoming and engaging. Most importantly, I believe it was great learning experience for all involved. I very much believe that conversations and workshops about aspirations should be happening with children of this age. It is our duty as local employers to talk to children about the opportunities out there and give them the motivation and inspiration to achieve their ambitions"

If you are a school wanting to run a similar session, or a business willing to volunteer to deliver a similar session, please contact the Primary Business Partnership team on 01900 824822 or email them using the link below.

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