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Figured - Making Tax Digital


In these uncertain times the UK Agricultural Industry is currently experiencing it has never been more important to forward plan in terms of cash flows and budgets and then to monitor these on a ongoing basis.

It is inevitable change will happen and being able to robustly plan and measure change is something which is very important.

To help our clients with this and to make it more efficient to produce accurate management information we have partnered with Figured which is a powerful Farm management software product which allows all of the following:

  • Budgeting and planning
  • Production tracking
  • Mutual Farm/Enterprise management
  • Powerful reporting at a glance
  • Simple, easy to use software
  • Planning ahead with confidence
  • Works hand in hand with Xero
  • Figured is the only farm accounting software that allows real time collaboration
  • Adding value to the MTD requirements by using the live data.  

The Figured product has been designed for farmers and accountants by farmers allowing better focus and easier decisions to me made on farm.    

We at Armstrong Watson Agri strongly believe that in times of such change we need to help our clients through this and by partnering with products like Figured it gives us the best tools to do so. 

We are currently in the pilot phase with the product but it is our aim to provide each farming client with a simple budget report each year with their annual accounts at no extra cost, to aid and assist discussions about their future strategy and direction.

We then are certain farming businesses will see the value and benefit in planning ahead and the information which can be gained from using this software; this should encourage and then lead onto more robust forward panning.

It is our opinion that the best businesses look forward all the time and this has never been more critical. Our partnership with Figured helps us advance with all this.


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