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We’re all going on a Summer Holiday

With the school summer holidays for many children only a few days away you may think that many families will already have their trips booked and planned. However, with the uncertainty of Brexit, combined with the increasing stress on household incomes due to ever increasing prices, many families are having to tighten their belts and are considering a holiday in the UK. These families are also leaving the booking of holidays to a much later stage to ensure the family finances can stretch to the cost of such a trip.

We all know the benefit of getting away on holiday; from reducing stress to helping to fight the common cold.  It’s also widely considered beneficial to companies for their staff to go on holiday as over stressed employees may end up being out of work for long periods.

So…with the above points in mind how do you attract visitors to your park.

  • Visibility - You may have the most modern, luxurious park in the UK but if no-one knows it exist you may not get the bookings you hope for. Ensuring the park can be easily found through an internet search is vital.
  • Facilities - The modern holiday maker has discerning tastes and you will need to ensure the park’s facilities are regularly reviewed and modernised to keep attracting visitors.
  • Understand your market - Whether you’re aiming for the high-end luxury market or are looking to appeal to the average family you will need to ensure prices match with expectations and facilities. Also, it’s very important to ensure the correct medium is used for marketing campaigns.
  • Flexibility - Many parks have removed the minimum stay requirement allowing visitors to book in any day of the week and for any period. This will ensure you cater for the modern family and also keeps vacant periods down to a minimum.

In this modern, stressful world, the need for a holiday is as important as ever, however, with families tightening their belts, park operators need to be fully aware of who their potential customers are and to ensure their park appeals to them, thereby attracting visitors to the park for years to come.   

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