First aid on lifebouy

Providing First Aid to Businesses


During the COVID-19 outbreak it's likely that the majority of businesses will encounter trading difficulties at some point, and in these instances our advice is to manage cash flow appropriately, deal with potential issues head on, seeking help quickly if you're at all concerned.

We have extensive experience assisting businesses in difficulty, so if you are concerned about any of the following buisness or cash management issues, please get in touch with Rob Adamson who is ready to help.

  • Difficulties in turning stock into debtors and then into cash
  • Managing cash flow, identifying critical payments over the short to medium term
  • Assessing customers’ ability to pay
  • Reviewing supply chain terms and negotiating with suppliers
  • Understanding any additional cash requirements and accessing the appropriate external funding
  • Reviewing staffing requirements
  • Communicating with different stakeholders (including HMRC and existing lenders)

Please get in touch with Rob Adamson, Heather Bamforth or Stephen Dinsmore in the first instance should you need any help.

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