Next day after Covid-19

A practical checklist to help SMEs prepare for returning to work


Planning for the Future

As we enter into a new stage of the coronavirus virus pandemic and our 'new normal', the UK200Group (who are the UK’s leading professional services group of independent quality assured chartered accountancy and law firms) has created a practical checklist to help small and medium sized businesses prepare for a return to work in a post lockdown era.

This useful document outlines the key tasks and processes which will need to be in place to allow your business to function efficiently and effectively and move forward. The checklist has been structured around the four pillars of a business organistion:

  • Operations & Technology
  • Finance and Resources
  • People
  • Marketing & Communications

Insurance is vital part of your business' continuity planning, risk management and protection and will require careful consideration prior to returning to work. Details of which can be found nearer the end of the document.

Please click the link below to download your practical checklist with advice and guidance on returning to work post lockdown.

Download the checklist