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Download the CJRS February Onwards Weekly Claim Template.

Download the CJRS February Onwards Monthly Claim Template

Download the CJRS Multiple Pay Periods Template.

Guidance Notes

Job Retention Scheme guidance provided in a handly downloadable pdf. 

Instructions for existing and extended Job Retention Scheme

The Chancellor announced a further extension to the scheme in the 3 March 2021 Budget Statement.  The scheme will run until 30 September with measures for tapering support.

  • March 2021 – 30 June 2021 employees receive 80% of reference pay and employers can reclaim 80%
  • July 2021 – employees receive 80% of reference pay and employers can reclaim 70%
  • August and September 2021 - employees receive 80% of reference pay and employers can reclaim 60%

Armstrong Watson will provide templates here to support you with the new tapering rules and these will be available soon, in the meantime you can use the templates already provided until 30th June 2021.  Please do note that where you have split pay periods you still need to ensure the claims from the 1st to end of the month are submitted by the HMRC deadlines, you can use the combined template to put different pay period information on to ensure you submit just one claim for the month.  If you are a client of Armstrong Watson and wish Armstrong Watson to submit your claims you must ensure you send the completed, authorised claims to at least 3 working days before the HMRC deadline date.

To qualify for the above, from 1 May your employees will have needed to have been on an RTI submission for payroll between 20 March 2020 and 2 March 2021. 

All other rules remain and as a reminder:

Working out usual hours and reference pay:

Where fixed i.e. work 37.5 hours per week every week (remember you must use the correct reference period i.e. if on your payroll pre 19th March it is the hours then and not the hours now,  even if part-time now or changed to full-time now).

If your claim period is 1st June to 30th June and your pay period is the same:

  • 30 calendar days in June.
  • Reference pay £2000 / 30 days x 30 days x 80% = £1600 full furlough pay
  • Usual hours would be 37.5 hours / 7 calendar days in week (regardless of working days) x 30 days in June = 160.71 rounded to 161 usual hours.
  • If flexible working and worked 50 hours in the month of June.
  • £2000 / 30 x 30 / 161 usual hours x 111 furlough hours (161 less 50 hours worked) x 80% = £1103.11
  • You then pay their 50 hours worked at their current hourly rate plus the furlough pay of £1103.11.

Further examples on how to work out usual hours and pay can be found here.

Please note, for variable pay for the month's March to September you will need to look at hours (where flexible furlough is being used) and the reference pay for the period in 2019 and the 2019/20 tax year for the average.  An example is April 2021 furlough you look at the pay in April 2019 not April 2020 and then take the average between April 2019 to March 2020.  You do the same for hours worked if using flexible furlough.

Comprehensive examples and guidance can be found on HMRC's website

HMRC’s deadlines can be found here.

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