Focussed experienced audits for law firms, that offer more than compliance

Your audit should not be seen as a box-ticking exercise or a necessary evil. Your annual audit should be a process from which you should receive real, measurable added value. 

With experienced auditors who focused solely on the legal sector we already understand your challenges but by spending time with you and allowing us to understand your specific business at a strategic level and by giving our team of qualified professionals access to your business at an operational level, your annual audit should be an opportunity to align the operational with the strategic, creating within the business the conditions to facilitate profitable growth and increased business value. 

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What is it?

ISA Audit – a formal statutory audit that allows an audit report to be included in your annual financial statements. SRA Accounts Rules report – testing in accordance with the SRA Accounts Rules to allow a management letter and Accountant’s Report to be prepared covering your compliance with the Rules.

Who is it for?

All law firms of all sizes in all locations.

What are the benefits for your firm?

  1. An insight into the risks of your firm
  2. Practical suggestions for improvements and best practices based on our experience of delivering services to over 150 other law firms
  3. A quick and efficient process as all of our team already understand the nuances of law firms
  4. An outcome that meets your annual compliance obligations

What do I have to do?

Compile and provide certain financial and other information as requested. Pre-agreed partners and staff to be available to provide further information. Partners and head of finance to attend the closing meeting.

What are the deliverables?

Provision of and then meeting to discuss the draft accounts and reports. Detailed analysis of your business and suggested commercial, strategic and compliance improvements to implement, making use of a bespoke benchmarking report and management report prepared for your specific circumstances.

What is the cost?

Bespoke fee options provided case by case based on size, complexity and particular requests. Fee options can include fixed fee, hourly rates as well as payments made monthly to ease your cashflow.

How long will it take?

Typically one month, with all services completed within four months of your year end.

Our experience

Armstrong Watson works with approximately 150 law firms annually from sole practitioners to multi-site firms with 40+ partners

Your Key Contacts

Huw Nicholls

Audit & Assurance Director

079190 35854

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