Capital Allowances Review

The capital allowances regime allows businesses to claim tax relief on qualifying capital expenditure.  Whilst most businesses are aware of the basics, many are unaware of the extensive list of assets which qualify for capital allowances and of the various elections that can be made to maximise tax savings.

Qualifying Expenditure

This can include:

  • Plant and machinery
  • Fixtures and fittings – alarm systems, CCTV, toilet facilities
  • Building alterations to allow for the installation of plant and machinery
  • Demolition of existing plant and machinery
  • Integral features – air conditioning, heating systems, electrical systems

How can we help?

The Armstrong Watson tax consultancy team consists of qualified tax professionals with significant knowledge and experience of helping clients maximise their capital allowance claims. We can:

  • Evaluate capital expenditure
  • Advise on specific capital allowance elections, such as a short life asset elections
  • Review and advise on the availability of enhanced capital allowances on energy-saving technology
  • Review capital allowance allocations across corporate group structures to ensure the most beneficial allocations are made
  • Formulate a plan for managing capital expenditure to take advantage of increasing and decreasing allowances and rates
  • Review historic expenditure to identify additional unclaimed tax relief that can be unlocked to generate tax savings
  • Advise on the acquisition of second hand commercial property to ensure that a fair value for fixtures is agreed with the seller

We have made successful claims for numerous clients across many sectors including manufacturing, holiday parks and farming.

Contact one of our manufacturing specialists, on 08081445575 or email to discuss how we can help your business.

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