Property Finance Services

Property finance is a loan secured against any type of property whether this is for business premises, development or investment opportunities.

As businesses grow it is often the next natural step for them to purchase their own trading premises or expand into multiple sites, we can assist you with the funding required to make these purchases.

Development finance is used by property developers looking to undertake a new building project or extensive renovation. We work with big and small developers to identify the right funding partner to get these projects up and running.

Buying or building a commercial or investment property is one of the largest investments that any business will make and there are three main ways you may choose to fund such transactions:

Commercial Mortgages

These can be used for purchasing a business property, either for the use of the business itself or as an investment opportunity on a buy-to-let basis. Refinancing a property already owned could also be considered to raise capital for other purposes. A commercial mortgage is normally taken out over a predetermined period of time with any charges, interest rates and fees transparently outlined upfront, and this allows payments to be budgeted for effectively.

Rates can be either variable or fixed and it is also possible with some specialist lenders to have a mix of both. In certain sectors, such as Agriculture, rates can even be fixed for the whole term of the mortgage. Commercial mortgages are available across most sectors and you will probably need to have a reasonable deposit available, although the exact level will depend upon several factors and to which lender you are talking.

Development Finance

Whether you are looking to take on a major new build project or to refurbish or redevelop an existing structure, development finance can help to fund your next investment with both up front capital and ongoing instalments.

It is normally available for up to 24 months, with the amount borrowed repaid once the project has been completed and the property or properties sold on. If the property is being retained, a standard commercial mortgage can be taken at the end of the development to clear the funding and proceed with a more affordable long-term solution.

Bridging Finance

This type of funding is ideal where you may need to raise funds quickly for a relatively short period of time. This could enable funds to be raised to help plug a gap with a renovation, or whilst waiting for a more traditional mortgage to be approved. It could also allow a new property to be acquired while waiting to sell an existing one.

This area of secured funding has grown massively over recent years with many providers in the space. Rates are more expensive, but this should not be seen as longer term funding.

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