Raising Business Finance

We are highly experienced in helping clients raise debt and equity finance to support growth, refinance, fund capital expenditure or to release value.  Debt finance might include:

  • Asset based lending  where the business raises finance against its existing assets such as debtors, stock and plant and machinery
  • Bank debt from overdraft facilities to smooth the peaks and troughs in cash flow requirements to commercial mortgages and cash flow term loans
  • Finance leasing
  • Our knowledge, experience and original thinking ensures that we structure the finance in the most appropriate way 
  • Our strong relationships  with a wide range of lenders facilitates  introductions to active funders and helps secure the most competitive rates
  • Out tenacity means that we will pursue every option to get even the most challenging of projects funded

Even if you don’t need to raise new finance, let us review your existing facilities to ensure you are getting the most cost effective products.  The market moves quickly and chances are we can save you money.   We are very active in the market so know the most competitive rates being offered. 

Contact our Corporate Finance team on 0808 144 5575 to discuss how we can help you.

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