Grow my business

A strategic acquisition is an established method of expanding your business. Planning, execution, price and strategic fit are all key considerations to ensure a successful outcome. Our trusted Corporate Finance team have a wealth of experience in identifying and evaluating targets to help you source potential acquisitions and advising and supporting you through out the entire process.

Our approach is to take the lead on the project giving you time to continue running your existing business.

We can add value through out the deal by:

  • Assisting in developing the characteristics and a profile of the required business 
  • Proactively searching for opportunities using our extensive network of contacts and targeted research
  • Using an integrated approach including tax and accounting colleagues in evaluating any potential targets to establish a valuation and structure an offer
  • Having strong relationships with funders enable us to introduce and secure funding for the acquisition
  • Adopting a  “ hands on” role  in negotiating and project managing the deal, tackling issues and hurdles as they arise. Our experience and the number of deals done on both the sell side and buy side allows us to understand things from the seller’s perspective and find creative solutions.   

We ensure the momentum is maintained and everyone keeps focussed on the end objective of a successful completion.

Contact our Corporate Finance team on 0808 144 5575 to discuss how we can help you.

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