Personal Injury and Related Claims

Quantifying the results of accidents and injuries can sometimes be a difficult process, especially where the person is a self employed individual, a company director/shareholder or has various sources of income.

We have an experienced team who regularly quantify losses, either on behalf of individual parties or as a single joint expert, in matters relating to personal injury claims (loss of earnings and/or pension) or fatal accidents (loss of dependency) arising from:

  • Road traffic accidents or accidents at work
  • Occupational disease e.g. mesothelioma
  • Clinical negligence

We have an excellent understanding of the rules and valuation principles relating to these matters, including where the claims involve loss of income, loss of pension benefits, the value of lost benefits in kind and ‘lost years’ calculations.

When it comes to what we produce, we don’t just have a ‘one size fits all’ mentality. We are able to offer a variety of different products including:

  • Advice notes
  • Short form reports
  • Spreadsheets illustrating the financial effects of different valuation scenarios
  • Critiques of other experts’ reports
  • Full CPR compliant reports

We produce whatever is necessary and required by the particular circumstances of your case.

We have extensive experience of expert’s meetings and preparing joint statements, as well as giving evidence in Court, when required.

If you would like to find out more about how we are able to assist you, please get in touch.

Contact our Forensic accounting team on 0808 144 5575 to discuss how we can help you.

Case Studies

   Road traffic accident

We acted on behalf of the Claimant, a director of a large private company, who was forced to give up work following a road traffic accident. The Claimant suffered various losses, including salary, share options, and bonuses as well as a loss of pension.

   Occupational disease

We acted for the Defendant in considering a claim for losses arising from the diagnosis of mesothelioma. The Claimant was a successful builder and property developer and ran four different companies. We were provided with a report prepared by the Claimant’s accountant and had to respond to this and prepare a joint statement. The matter settled at a joint settlement meeting.

   Fatal accident

We were instructed by the Claimant in preparing a report covering the losses arising on the death of her husband, a partner in a large law firm. It was necessary to understand the way that the practice accounted for its income, as well as forecast the impact on revenue and profit of certain changes being made to the types of work being undertaken by the practice. We presented the losses on three bases, illustrating how the key uncertainties might affect the deceased’s earnings. Our report was largely accepted by the Defendant insurers and the matter settled at a joint settlement meeting.

   Clinical negligence

We acted on behalf of a health authority in respect of negligent treatment during an operation on the Claimant, a successful barrister. We needed to consider a complicated report provided by the Claimant’s accountant and re-analyse the barrister’s manual accounting records. We did not agree with some of the assumptions being made in the projection of the barrister’s earnings and prepared our report with alternative figures. Following the preparation of the joint statement, the matter proceeded to trial and Matthew Geale gave evidence in Court. The Judgment, which was not reported, accepted many of our alternative assumptions and calculations in determining the level of damages that were awarded.

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