Contentious HMRC Enquiry

Generally, enquiries follow a process and the negotiations with HMRC are straight forward.  However, sometimes there is simply a gulf between your view and HMRC’s view.  The issue could be related to disclosure, technical or particular to your industry.  Problems like this can be the cause of frustration and that’s where our experience can really help.

We have years of experience in discussing difficult issues with HMRC and reaching an acceptable solution, which gives you peace of mind.  This process begins with clarity over the issues and then using our experience across many industries and technical knowledge to refocus the enquiry.  If the issue cannot be resolved then we have experience of taking such issues to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), which is a mediation between you and HMRC and can lead to a negotiated settlement or if simply no resolution can be found then we have the experience to pursue matters to the first tier tribunal.

Finally, if HMRC are at fault, we have experience in claiming costs against HMRC to ensure you are in no worse position financially as well as getting compensation payments for the distress that such enquiries can cause.

If this is the problem you are faced with then please contact the team to discuss how we can help you to resolve any issues you have with HMRC.

Contact our Specialist Tax team on 0808 144 5575 to discuss how we can help you.

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